The intensive is considered therapy, so we want to make sure that you are ready for the work ahead.  To help prepare for your journey it would be beneficial to read Daring Greatly by Brené Brown and watch her TED talks. Contact Dr. Gail to establish a time to continue the intake process to make sure this group is right for you.


The Daring Way ™ Intensive

The Daring Way™ intensive can be offered in different formats: either one on one,  2 or 3 participants (14 hours), or for larger groups (16 hours).  

Groups are run based on demand to better meet your needs.  Contact Dr. Gail to schedule. 

Your investment:

Groups : $1000 per person

Individual:  Option 1:   $190 per 50 minute sessions

                  Option 2: $ 1200 -  two session (each session is four 50 minute sessions combined)  

 All materials for the session are include.   It also includes the screening to ensure that this group is right for you. 

The receipt provided is by a Registered Psychologist and will list service as the number of hours attended for intensive group or individual therapy.  If you have extended health care coverage, discuss whether they will cover your investment.

Registration is considered incomplete without payment and completed agreement (available from Dr. Gail). 

​​​​​        Dr. Gail Eastman  PhD        Registered Psychologist    

        A Better Life Consulting and Counselling     403-527-3936

A Better Life Consulting and Counselling Registered Psychologist individual and couple therapy 

 Show Up    Be Seen  Live Brave

During the intensive, we explore topics of vulnerability, courage, shame, and worthiness, helping to move from a culture of scarcity (never enough) to living wholehearted.  The work also continues outside of group, with homework each night.  So please be prepared to spend the time completely dedicated to you!