Stress                                 Self Esteem                            Anxiety/worry                            Depression

                        Burnout                              Workplace Bullying               Workplace Difficulty                     Difficult choices

                        Trauma                               Abuse                                  Critical Incidents                          Grief/loss issues

                        Relationship Issues             Separation/divorce               Affairs                                         Communication 

Dr. Gail recognizes that there is not one type of therapy that will meet every issue or everyone's needs.  Therefore, therapy is personalized to meet the needs and goals of individuals and couples.  Even though there are specific techniques (such as Natural Processing (integrating Somatic therapy and EMDR), Gottman Method, CISM) mentioned on the website,  Dr. Gail offers a variety of therapy methods that can be used to help reach your goal.  

Therapy in Medicine Hat

​​​​​        Dr. Gail Eastman  PhD        Registered Psychologist    

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A Better Life Consulting and Counselling Registered Psychologist individual and couple therapy 

There is an endless amount of reasons to reach out for help.  It can be dealing with past hurts, relationship issues, mental health issues, work problems, or just wanting to create a richer and deeper meaningful life.  Dr. Gail has experience helping people with a variety of needs.  She works with adults in an individual or couples setting. The following are some of the issues she has helped people with.