There are more than 40 events that can create the range of human emotions called grief.  Death of a loved one, divorce, and estrangements head the list.  Whether your loss was recent or long ago, it may still be limiting your ability to participate fully in life.

Grief Recovery is a step-by-step process:
Recover from significant emotional loss
End isolation
End self-sabotage
Regain happiness and joy

​When is it time to do my "grief work"? This is the most difficult question facing grievers. Part of the problem stems from the biggest single inaccurate idea that we were all socialized to believe: that "time heals all wounds." Time does not heal. Actions can help discover and complete unfinished emotional business. When can I begin to discover and complete all of the things that I wish had ended "different, better or more," and all of the broken "hopes, dreams, and expectations" about the future? The answer is immediately. Waiting to do grief work is potentially dangerous. Most likely you've heard that grievers tend to create larger than life memory pictures in which they either "enshrine or bedevil" the person who died. This phenomenon increases with time, making it more difficult to discover the "truth" within the relationship. 

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